SEO Tips for 2016

Tampa SEO – With 2016 finally upon us, now is the perfect time to create an SEO marketing plan for your business. Those who wait rarely see any measurable success. In the mid-1700’s, Edmond Burke once stated, “Those who don’t know history are doomed to repeat it,” and we know that still holds true today. Here are some tips to prepare for your success in 2016!

  1. Review your data from 2015
  2. Study your competition
  3. Perform a keyword analysis
  4. Optimize your on-page content
  5. Schedule blogs on a regular basis
  6. Share your content on your Social Media channels
  7. Perform a detailed link audit
  8. Set a proper budget to meet your goals

Review your data from 2015

By reviewing your data from 2015, it is possible to discover which areas of your marketing strategy that needs improvement. Knowing what is working, and what is not is a great start to determine a successful SEO Marketing plan.

Study Your Competition

Compare your “Top 10” keyword rankings and study which sites rank better than yours to determine why. You can manually perform this task or use software like SEOquake to save time.

Perform a Keyword Analysis

Next know what keywords convert best for the products and/or services you offer. Keyword research provides the most valuable information for a successful Search Engine Marketing campaign. Also refer to our article about the impact of Long-Tail keywords. Remember, this is the most critical step to optimizing your site.

Optimize your on-page content

On-Page optimization refers to factors that have a direct effect on your Web site or Web page listings in the natural search results. These factors are controlled by the coding on your page. Optimizing your on-page content is vital to the success of your online rankings. Every site ranks, but is it optimized to rank high in Google for your most important keywords? See my article on “How to improve your SEO rankings in Google

 Schedule blogs on a regular basis

Google loves to index fresh and new content. Blogging is one of the most important factors to ranking your site high in the natural search results. Update your blog or page content every week with fresh content. The more content you have, the more likely you will show up in the Google search results. Be sure to read my article “Important Google News

Share your content on your Social Media channels

A great strategy to keeping your Social Media accounts updated, is to share your recent blog posts on your social accounts such as FaceBook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google plus. This will improve your social signal and it provides great links to your web page content.

Perform a detailed link audit

With Google preparing to roll out its Penguin Live update algorithm in the 1st quarter of 2016, it is imperative to review your current backlinks profile and perform a detailed Link Audit to discover any poor links that may be negatively affecting your Google rankings .

Set a proper budget to meet your goals

If your company has the resources to write content on a regular basis, meaning daily or weekly, then complementing it with one of our SEO packages will do great wonders for your rankings. If you don’t have resources to blog regularly, our SEO & Social Media Optimization packages are for you!

In closing, consulting with us will help you determine the right marketing plan for your business. Make 2016 a great year for business and checkout the affordable Hatchbuck CRM we offer for small to mid-sized businesses.