3 Tips for Building the Perfect Call to Action Button

Tampa SEO – Landing pages are designed to convert. Arguably the most important feature of every landing page is the call-to-action (CTA) button. This button helps web visitors either contact you or sign up for something.

Optimizing CTA buttons is ideal for any landing page. You can’t expect every web visitor to jump for joy when they see a simple “contact us” button. Instead, being specific or creative your CTA buttons will generate renewed interest in your products and services.

Building the perfect CTA button takes time. Though, if you want to be put on the right track, continue reading this helpful guide for more information. 

Alter the Copy

Again, featuring a “contact us” CTA button on every landing page isn’t going to work. Take a moment to think like a consumer. After you’ve read a landing page and developed an interest in a product or service, you hit a roadblock that says, “contact us”.

Here’s the thing – what exactly are you contacting the company for? You have to be specific in what you want your web visitors to do when they click on the button. For this reason, alter the copy a bit. 

Instead of “contact us”, try using words that will automatically spark interest, such as:

  • “Free”
  • “Trial”
  • “Speak to”
  • “Get started”
  • “Sign up”

These are actionable words that inspire someone to do something. For example, if your landing page is about a product you eventually want your web visitors to try, offer a free trial.

If your landing page is promoting an upcoming webinar, design your CTA button to allow users to sign up. The main takeaway here is to be specific in what you’re offering by altering your copy.

Sweeten the Deal

Now, people who use the internet have likely seen all sorts of CTAs, prompting them to sign up for something or the like. As a result, many are desensitized to these buttons. That only means you should get more creative with your offerings. 

For example, offering a valuable item to encourage signups is a traditional and effective way of making landing pages successful. Let’s use an example. If you’re creating a landing page for an online course, you can offer a case study through a CTA button that explains how your course has improved the lives of past students. 

This type of social proof reinforces the legitimacy of your offering, while further introducing your audience to your brand. 

Perform Split Tests

Split, or A/B/ tests are experiments used to compare two items. In this context, you will use split tests to compare different CTA buttons. On one landing page, you can try a different CTA button and compare results to another landing page.

Depending on the results you receive, you can move forward in using particular CTAs over others. Split tests allow you to see what actually works. They may take some time to conduct, but it’s a fundamental way of boosting the performance of your landing pages. 

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