Tampa SEO – With 2016 finally upon us, now is the perfect time to create an SEO marketing plan for your business. Those who wait rarely see any measurable success. In the mid-1700’s, Edmond Burke once stated, “Those who don’t know history are doomed to repeat it,” and we know that still holds true today. […]

We can agree that most businesses are looking for ways to drive new and repeat sales. If you’ve already invested in SEO, PPC and Social Media, then congrats! Getting found online is the first step. According to Kiss Metrics, 96% of people are not ready to buy from you the first time they visit your […]

Not all websites are created equal. After working with hundreds of clients, we discovered sites such as WordPress rank better than template driven Free sites such as wix, square space etc. We can convert these type of site to a Mobile Responsive WordPress business site, especially  if ranking in the Search Engines is important to your […]

The details are still rather vague at the moment, however, Dick Costolo, CEO of Twitter announced that a ne Twitter “firehose” deal is coming to Google next month. He also was quoted as saying that the goal is to get people to consume content and engage with that content whether they log in or not […]

Studies show that investing more in Social Media Marketing is proven to benefit your overall SEO efforts. Social Media is not just followers who enthusiastically promote your website, but they create a significant amount of quality backlinks that are good for your organic SEO profile. I can never stress this enough, promoting well written original […]