How to Optimize Google Local Places

How to Optimize Google Local Places

If you own a local business, then having a  Google Places for Business listing is a MUST for your overall SEO strategy! You want your website to show up in as many places as possible on the 1st page. By not taking advantage of this will mean more business for your competitors.

Here are some basic tips to help get you started.

1. Set Up Google Places for your Business
Start by setting up your Google Business page by completing your profile on Google Places. You will typically have to wait a week on average for Google to send you a post card with an activation pin needed to “verify” your listing. They do this to ensure quality results by verifying you are using an actual mailing address for your listing.

2. Add Local Citations
Next, add Local Citations. Local citations are  mentions of your business profile on other websites. Having multiple mentions of your website address will help boost your SEO efforts and improve your map listing position, provided the Local Citations you post to are from quality sites. Quality sites such as Yahoo, Superpages, Insiderpages and Angie’s List can have a positive impact on your Google local place listing.

NOTE: If you were to do your own local business directory submissions, it would take you hours and even small mistakes could mean that your URL and business details won’t get listed. When you allow us to do the work, our experienced posters will manually and accurately list your information so you can start enjoying the SERP ranking boosts you’ll receive!

Local Directory Submissions

3. Reviews
Reviews build trust and helps boost your Google Place listing. Ideally, you want to get as many “REAL” reviews as possible. This will help a lot in improving both your organic and Place rankings.

4. Make updates to your places page
Occasionally change some of the main areas in your Google Place page as this has shown to create a jump in your rankings. Simply editing the description from time to time can be effective. Be careful not to change your address as it will cause Google to have to re-verify your Google Place listing.