Struggling to Get My Business Off the Ground

Tampa fishing Charters
5 years ago I was struggling to get my business as a fishing guide off the ground. I found it difficult to find the right places to spend my limited advertising budget. I was using another web and set company with very dismal results. I actually got Scott at SEO Services Expert on my boat as a guest of a client. We small talked about my website and how things were going and what results I was seeing, which were none. 
We later connected as I was looking for a change new energy and I gave Scott a call. 
The two main keywords for my industry are Tampa Fishing Charters and Tampa Bay Fishing Charters and they  are very competitive. I needed an expert. I sunk all my extra money into another new website, SEO and a Google ad. I learned through trial and error and many conversations with Scott on what is our next step. Scott has been available to me and super committed to help me realize my dreams and aspirations of becoming a busy, well respected fishing guide in Tampa Bay. 
5 years later I am one of the busiest guides in Tampa Bay, I have earned a great following in South Tampa, and have been able to see my goal of being a full time fishing guide come to fruition. 
Sustaining this lifestyle is tough in a very tough market overly saturated with guides running fr cheap prices makes competing difficult. Through our many conversations we have found a way to get and keep me ranking well on Google. My local page was our first order of business and it out preforms my competition regularly with my photos getting 300-500% more views than all my competitors combined. Scott’s advice has been spot on when it comes to ranking and steps to take to get noticed. 
Of course happy clients write great reviews and that equates to more business and quite honesty more money. My rate is a top tier rate and I am still busier than all my competition. Like I tell my clients often, the fishing is the easy part, getting you on my boat to fish with me is the real work. Thanks to Scott and SEO Services Expert, Im as busy as I can be and Im making more than my competition daily and sometimes double what they make. 
Thanks Scott, Sami and crew! Author Captain Tim Whitfield, Tampa Fishing Charters