Small business SEO: You might be Rocky but you still need a coach!

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Yeah, I’m looking at you superstar business owner. The one that has built an amazing company that has people buzzing in the local community and now you’re just waiting for the massive influx of word of mouth traffic to spread like wild fire and give you so many customers that you won’t even know how to handle them.

Well, I have some news for you. Word of mouth doesn’t have as much impact as it use to and Google reigns supreme when it comes to the one thing you care most about deep down…..

Yes, you know what I’m about to say. . . .


Well yes, of course. But really, let’s be real here.


Yes, I said it and you should be honest and say it to because in order for you to make people happy with your brand you have to make enough money to grow your business. And here’s a simple equation that might open your eyes.

“A bad business with good SEO will do better than a good business with bad SEO”

The simple fact is that people Google to find what they want to eat and do. If you are not appearing on the first page you’re fighting an uphill battle and it is time to make a change.

Google Marketing

What I’m trying to say is that SEO is important, so important, that you should slow down all your other marketing campaigns right now and focus all your attention on ranking first page on Google for keywords relevant to your business first.

Doing this will increase your revenue!, then you can ramp up other marketing efforts.

However….ranking on Google is not an easy task to accomplish.

During the first two years of running my small business I read books, used SEO tools like and, meticulously sifted through my competitors backlinks, messaged news website and bloggers (with no response many times), and tried and tried.

Now, this wasn’t a complete waste of time but I was like Rocky Balboa going to a boxing match without a coach. I landed a couple of punches, but in the end I was not accomplishing the most important thing


So, if you’re the Rocky type and have a lot of drive and compassion for the business that you’ve built. My best tidbit of advice is to get a coach to help you in the SEO game, but make sure you choose wisely. I say this because there are bad SEO tactics called “black hat SEO” that can hurt you more than help you. It would be like Rockies coach teaching him to primarily use below the belt sucker punches during a match. This would only get ROCKY disqualified and he would lose.

DON’T make that mistake!

Hire a qualified SEO expert to guide you to become number ONE on Google searches as soon as possible!

Author: Mike Linquist, Owner of Imagine Escape Games. An escape room located in Tampa, Florida.