3 Effective Conversion Optimization Tips in 2020

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Tampa SEO – The purpose of any website is to generate and convert leads. Depending on the quality of your sales funnel and marketing strategy, your conversion rate could fluctuate over time. 

If your conversion rate is too low, your website will hemorrhage valuable marketing dollars by the day. This is especially true if you rely on pay-per-click (PPC) to divert web traffic to your site. 

If you are paying a lot of money for your PPC campaign, you deserve to convert the leads you’re investing in. The process of doing this is called conversion optimization, or simply the way to make your website convert more prospects.

Unlike SEO, conversion optimization is based on both qualitative and quantitative data. If you want to learn more about how you can improve your website, you can rely on these three effective tips for optimizing your site for more conversions. 

1. Study Your Successful Competitors

Oftentimes, when you need a blueprint for what a successful website looks like, you can often look to a competitor. Although the goal is to surpass your competitor, general business sense is to understand what they are doing, evaluate their strategies, and achieve higher success. 

If there are any websites that rank higher than yours, visit them and study the elements that make them successful. Do they have a live chat box with a real customer support agent? Do they have a really great blog?

Take what you can from your successful competitors to generate similar success on your own website. 

2. Check Your Bounce Rate

If you’re using a website builder or content management system (WordPress) for your site, then you should be able to access an analytical panel that tells you everything about your website.

With that said, pay special attention to your bounce rate. This metric details how quickly web visitors are leaving your website without clicking on anything. In other words, a high bounce rate indicates that your website isn’t giving your audience what they need. 

You can check the bounce rate for separate web pages to see where you can make improvements. 

3. Understand Search Intent

A lot of business owners believe that keyword research is the end all-be all to forming a great website. There is actually an intent behind every keyword on the internet. For example, a person searching for “how to select the best lawyer” would likely want to see an informational blog.

They would be irritated if you randomly stuffed this keyword on an irrelevant page. In order for your website to rank well and keep your audience happy, understand search intent. 

Simply search for the keywords you plan on ranking for. From the top search results, you can infer that your audience wants to see similar content. How? That’s because those search results rank well for that keyword, and Google wouldn’t do so if people didn’t find them to be helpful. 

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