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Google SEO Site Optimization Process

Building a Website to Rank in Google

When building a website to rank in Google, it is important to understand some of the main ranking factors used to index your…
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Google Penguin 4.0

Google Announces Real-Time Penguin 4.0 Update

Google announced on September 23rd that it will be rolling out the new Penguin update. Google Penguin was created to better catch sites…
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Tampa's Best Web Designers

Why Choose WordPress for Better SEO Results?

Why choose WordPress for  better SEO results? WordPress is used by over 26.6% of all the websites that use a content management system…
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How to Optimize Google Local Places

How to Optimize Google Local Places

If you own a local business, then having a  Google Places for Business listing is a MUST for your overall SEO strategy! You want your website to…
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SEO Tips for 2016

SEO Tips to Prepare for Your Success in 2016

Tampa SEO - With 2016 finally upon us, now is the perfect time to create an SEO marketing plan for your business. Those…
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Google Map Change in 2015

Google Maps Change from 7 to 3

Tampa SEO - Recently Google made another significant change to their Local Business Map results. Now instead of showing 7 business, they are…
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Rank Higher in Google

SEO Strategies for Higher Google Rankings

Tampa SEO  - Where a website ranks in the search engines directly affect both the quanity and quality of the traffic you receive.…
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Tampa SEO

Improve your SEO rankings in Google

Not all websites are created equal. After working with hundreds of clients, we discovered sites such as WordPress rank better than template driven Free…
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Big Buck Expo in Tampa

  Tampa SEO - It's been a privilege to be an exhibitor at the annual "Big Buck" expo in Tampa, Fl. this year!…
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